sreda, 17. september 2014

Suit & Tie

I was wearing:  top, bag - H&M 
                pants - no name
              shoes - ASOS
                            necklace - Stradivarius

Photos: by Jelena Filipović

After longer "offline" break here I am "back on track" again and hopefuly this time for real. 
Stay tuned because I'm planning to be regular from now on :D

Currently on repeat
♫ Justin Timberlake - Suit &Tie ( Oliver Nelson RMX)

Have a nice evening,
xxx Slađi

nedelja, 10. avgust 2014

Let's Do It Again

photos: Jelena Filipović

I was wearing: dress - Mango
sandals - Asos
necklace - H&M
watch - Fossil

I have wanted this kind of oversized, black dress for ages 
and I can't describe you how happy I was when I found it in Mango (on a sale!). 
What I love the most is the fact that is so versatile...
With some high heals it can look super elegant and with some sneakers super casual.
Just what I needed :)

Currently on repeat
♫ Robyn & Röyksopp - Do It Again ♫

Have a nice Sunday everyone,
xxx Slađi


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