ponedeljek, 15. junij 2015


I was wearing: vest, jeans, shoes, jacket / H&M
top / ZARA 

Photos: by Jelena Filipović

Currently on repeat
♫  X Ambassadors - Litost ♫ 

xxx Sladi

nedelja, 29. marec 2015


I was wearing: dress - Omara
shirt & backpack - H&M
sneakers - Nike 

After a long period wearing only black, grey and white clothes 
it was about the time to add some color to my life :) 
So here I am, wearing cute, little yellow
dress which I received from my awesome friend Dali (thank you one more time!) 
I matched it with my Nike-ies, new little backpack 
and 'spring in my closet' has officially begun :) 

Currently on repeat
♫  James Bay - Scars  ♫ 

Have a nice Sunday everyone,
xxx Slađi 


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